About this Research...

Inscriptions are used as resources for studying ancient history of any counties of the world. Brahmi script is one of the most important ancient letters in South Asia.

The aim of this research is to study the evolution of Brahmi script into Sinhala script on the basis of ancient Sri Lankan documents inscribed on stone surface. With the aid of modern techniques of computer image processing, precise alphabet fonts of early Brahmi scripts has been produced from photographic data of ancient Sri Lankan inscriptions.

It has been shown that the produced fonts is available for establishing a method of automatic reading of ancient inscriptions by computers.

  • Archaeology

    Field Archaeology means the search for evidence. Fieldwork can be defined as the search for and recording of antiquities, and collecting data from which their contemporary environment can be reconstructed.

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  • Introduction

    Ancient Sri Lankan people used stone surfaces for writing letters. All ancient documents inscribed on stone surface are called "Inscriptions". The Sri Lankan inscriptions broadly fall into four classes: cave, rock, slab and pillar inscriptions.

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  • Evolution of letters

    With reference to the Lalithavistara literature belong to the 3rd century AD Brahmi scripts was the base language studied by the Bodisttva Siddhartha Gautama Siddartha Gauthama. After the decipherment of Asokan inscription in the 19th century by Jemes Princep, this script was oldest at the time.

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